ON THE FENCE by Gerhard Stochl

ON THE FENCE by Gerhard Stochl

Publisher : Self published

Edition : First Edition, First Print

Edition of 100


28 pages

Cover : Soft cover

Color, 5.75" X 8.25"

Year : 2023 



"On The Fence" is an ongoing series of portraits featuring members of the Chinatown Soccer Club. Taken before, during and after sessions, they showcase former and current squad players, visitors representing friendly clubs from around the globe and the occasional guest. Shot as straight-ups against the chain link fence surrounding the club's home field in Lower Manhattan, these head-to-toe photographs transmit the different styles, personalities and backgrounds that make up this unique community. Presented as a grid of 3 teams of 7 players each, "On The Fence" blends day-one community members with decade-long mainstays as well as those who so far only ever played a single game. By design, every installation of "On The Fence" is unique to its environment and location, featuring a different list of players, just like the club's matches. Ultimately it's this mix that illustrates the Chinatown Soccer Club's positive and inclusive vision of the game. The "On The Fence" series is accompanied by a selection of photographs that help contextualize the club's environment in New York City.



The Chinatown Soccer Club is a crew of creative New Yorkers who meet year-round for friendly soccer games in Downtown Manhattan. Since coming together during the summer of 2002, this diverse community has evolved into an incubator for creative soccer culture by producing publications, short-form videos, exhibitions and club-themed merchandise all created by its members collaborating on and off the pitch.



Gerhard Stochl is a multidisciplinary creative and former professional skateboard photographer based in New York City. For the past two decades, he has managed the Chinatown Soccer Club by organizing the team's morning sessions, facilitating its creative output and generally helping to ensure a positive and welcoming environment. Over the course of his now more than two decades with the club, Gerhard has assembled an ongoing series of portraits some of which are shown here. "On The Fence" is a continuing practice capturing the individuals that make up this community over time.

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